Yoga Hub - Banilad Town Center, Cebu


For the love of YOGA....

The Facade

This was another project I was VERY excited about!  

1.  Because I love to do yoga.  
2.  The location.... right in the area where I live and work.   

Date of completion: September 2012

The reception area is a tight space that houses lockers on one side and a display of various yoga products for sale on the other side.  On the far end are the 2 changing rooms with really cute curtains from Curtains Unlimited!
The lovely owners (L-R): Maia Martinez-Herrera and Jennifer Rodriguez-Martinez (not in picture but just as lovely is Danessa Onglatco)

The Ceiling Detail:  As a yoga practitioner, I am very sensitive to light.  So when I was given this opportunity to design a yoga studio, I made sure there was indirect lighting; hence, the alternate cove lighting on the ceiling.  The acoustic boards on center provides easy access for maintenance (and future adjustments in my hope that one day they bring anti-gravity yoga to Cebu!).  
Circuit breaker panels are always an issue and have to be carefully planned or incorporated in design.  In this case, we made several rectangular boxes in front to conceal the panel.  Can you tell which one opens up to the circuit breaker panel?  

During Yoga Hub's launching / White Christmas party and 21-day Challenge Graduation last December 9, 2012.  

With my yoga buddies Bernadette Pacana and Dan Climaco 

Owners: Jennifer Martinez, Maia Herrera, Danessa Onglatco
HLD Project-in-charge: Archt. Nicole Reyes
Contractor: Nathaniel Fernandez
Suppliers:  Fine Impressions, Curtains Unlimited, Mandaue Foam, Cebu Home Builders

Yoga Hub is located at the second floor of the Banilad Town Centre.  For more information or to know the class schedules, call (032) 268-9642.

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