A Kid's World


Project: A Pediatrician's Clinic
Location:  Cebu Doctor's Medical Arts Building
Design Team:  Idr. Jan Iben Amper and Cyril Ocaba
Completed:  March 2011
Suppliers:  Anything Timber, Leonardo Maratas, Mistula Upholstery, Elysian, Play Pen, Play 2 Learn, Toys At Work, Mandaue Foam, Ina Chona.

I love kids.  I love working with kids.  I hope to someday be blessed with kids.  

When this project was commissioned to my office in 2011, I was very excited to do it!  It brought back fond memories of trips to the pedia when I was a child.  Funny now as an adult, I cannot take blood, hospitals and needles, but when I was a kid, I looked forward to visiting my pedia because that always meant going home with a chupachups lollipop right after.  :-)  

The furniture was provided by the hospital save for the guest chairs which I chose to put something more modern, fun and playful.  Aqua leatherette was used to cover the foam instead of the usual neutral-colored ones.  To distract the kid from an impending shot, wooden toys are placed on the walls.  The colorful ledges on the sides were custom-made by Anything Timber and coordinates with the custom mirrors on the walls.    
The smaller examination bed is for infants, so we just lined the walls with colourful alphabets.  

The waiting area.  The sofa was provided by the hospital but I opted to reupholster it in different, bright, solid colors to make it more attractive.  The glass window is tinted one-way to allow the doctor to see her patients from the examination room but not the other way around.  Directly below the window, interactive wooden toys from Play 2 Learn and Toys @ Work are hung to keep the kids busy while waiting for their turn.  The Anne Gedde's poster was the doctor's own collection.  To highlight it and tie it together with the furniture, I had a blue border painted around the frame.
They say the devil is in the details.  The orange chairs were existing but since it was a bit rough on the edges, we had protective covering in a sage green fabric velcro'd on the sides.  Even the government certificates that are required to be displayed on the walls are framed in colorful frames to make it attractive. The tree sticker came from Play Pen and is a wonderful way to dress up the walls.

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