Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant


As a child growing up in Cebu, where back in the day restaurants weren't aplenty, Golden Cowrie was a favorite.  I remember making it my choice of restaurant to celebrate my birthday dinner with family.  So when the renovation of the alfresco dining area was commissioned to HL Designs, I was delighted!  The design has evolved a lot from the very simple nipa-hut-structure it used to have.  I thank the clients for giving us the opportunity to do this project and look forward to more restaurants to come!   

To break away from the old design where the alfresco dining area was semi-enclosed with wood slats and to give diners a resort-feel despite being in the heart of the city, we opened the space and used lush greenery as a divider from the busy street.   The highlight of this new design are the laminated coconut posts that were wrapped around the existing structural posts.  

Pocket gardens can also be found inside the alfresco dining area.  We opened up the walls of the enclosed dining area by adding glass windows to allow diners inside to enjoy the view outside and at the same time show the bustling activity that goes on in this restaurant on a regular basis.  Covering the ceiling with Viro material made this space a little cooler especially during the summer months.

A mix of chairs, dining tables, benches and bucket seats are incorporated in this alfresco dining area.  Inspired from a cafe I visited in Moscow, a swing-bench is also included in the mix (I have yet to get a good picture of it!)

At night, these laminated coco posts light up for a dramatic dining experience!  

For reservations contact: (032) 233-4243 or (032) 233-4670

Renovation Project: Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant, Al Fresco Dining Area
Location: Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
Completed: March 2013
Project-in-charge: Archt. Kristin Gay Ducao
Contractor: Archt. Melvin Banzon
Landscape by: Jaime Chua
Suppliers: Superior Furniture Inc., AMC Trading, Cebu Home Builders, JB Rock, Kima Glass, Boysen Paints
Photos c/o owner

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