Celebrating 5 Years and Our 2nd Cafe Sarree


The month of August, though often dubbed as "ghost month" for those who believe in this tradition where most people hold off on embarking on a project, or in our line of work, they don't start construction, it happened to be a time when I hired two of my valuable employees who have made significant contributions to the success of HL Designs today.  This August, we celebrate the 5 years of service of Idr. Cyril Ocaba and Archt. Kristin Ducao!  

There's no better way to celebrate than with the opening of the second branch of Cafe Sarree located at the Rustan's Supermarket level of Ayala Center Cebu.  
Thank you for all your hard work and thank you for lunch!  (L-R: HL, Nicole, Genie, Kristin, Cyril)

HL Designs is happy to be part of the Cafe Sarree family once again!  

The facade from inside the mall.

As you enter, a long solid wood table sits in the middle of the room, with a mix of different kinds of stools and oversized lamps hanging above.  

 A funky feature on the left: what seems to be a large picture frame is actually the hand wash area.  

Today's Specials is written on wooden chopping boards.  

The Cafe Sarree Design Team (L-R): HL, Sarree and Nicole 

Thank you for trusting us to design your second branch!
HL Designs with the beautiful owner/chef Sarree.  

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