Practical Tips for Designing Bathrooms


1.  Lighting.  Place wall lamps on each side of the vanity mirror.  It eliminates casting a shadow on your face, allowing you to apply products (or wash, or shave your face) evenly.  

2.  Floating lavatory cabinets reduce the risk of warping material due to wet floor, doesn't give room for cockroaches and other rodent infestation, and best of all, allows your feet to go directly under the cabinet so you don't have to bend over too much.  

3.  Niche.  Incorporating a niche into the wall is a sleek and stylish way to house toiletries.  

4.  Full-length Mirror.  Don't we all want to see how we look from head to toe?  If the space permits, build-in a full-length mirror on one side of the wall.  It's not only functional, but it also dramatically increases the size of the bathroom by giving the illusion of more space.   
Or have a mirror door instead!  

5.  Electrical Outlets.  It is commonly the thing that is left out when planning bathrooms, but is very essential.  Place electrical outlets by the vanity for your blow dryer, electric shaver, toothbrush, or other electric grooming appliances.  Make sure to situate it at least 10cm. from the counter or higher to avoid electrocution.  

6.  Counter Height.  Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning would dictate that typical bathroom counter height range from 85 to 90 centimeters from the floor.  Not anymore.  If the user is a tall person, you can make it higher.  Likewise, if the user is a short person, you can adjust accordingly.  While there are standards to guide us, it does not have to define your counter height.  
This bathroom is still under construction as of press time. :-) 

7.  Tiles.  When choosing bathroom tiles, I usually have two things in mind: color and size.  I usually recommend neutrals with an accent on one side.  Neutrals never go out of style.  I also go by the saying, the bigger the better.  In interior design, this equates to less grout lines, less maintenance, and an overall more luxe appeal.     

8.  Mirrors.  Have fun with mirrors!  Choose a delicate lacework frame like this one, or go for a shell in-lay or a bold color (like those seen in the other pictures above).  Mirrors don't have to be plain and boring.  Let them stand out!  Get creative with mirrors because they are easy to change when you get tired of them.  

9.  Got limited space?  Invest in a towel shelf.  These allow you to hang several towels at once (with some air drying space in between) and have room for extra towels above.  

10.  Got toddlers and small children?  Follow tip no. 2 by floating the lavatory counter then providing a step that can be neatly tucked under.  This bespoke step has drawers that can double as storage too!    

The bottom drawer pulls out into a step for younger kids.  When they grow older (and taller), just flip the box to make it into a storage space and slide it in for a clean look.  

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