Little Girls Rooms


Sugar and spice, and everything nice, that's what little girls rooms are made of! 

For my one and only niece, she inherited this sofa from our old condo back in college.  It was reupholstered in a pretty pink fabric from Townes with a coordinating striped fabric for her throw pillows.  Because not much natural light comes in her room, I placed a faux window on one side of her wall.  Her ceiling is also specially designed to have cove lighting on 2 sides.  The walls are painted a soft blush hue.  On the opposite end, her closets are outlined in purple, which was her mom's (my sister's) idea; which I think looks great! :-)        

The wooden letter cut-outs were purchased from a cute store in Singapore called Typo.  On an unexpected visit to Manila, I made it an art project to paint the letter "N" with her.  One of these days, we might just paint the K's as well.   
Pink and aqua blue were the colors chosen by this 7-year-old girl for this room she shares with her 2-year-old sister.  I gave Curtains Unlimited a challenge by having them make these tab curtains with blue bows and a coordinating stripe to tie with the headboard. The cubby shelf acts as a divider between 2 single beds; thus giving each girl their own sense of space.      

Can it get any cuter than this?  A close-up picture of the side of the 2-year-old shows she has her own little writing desk/dresser with a coordinating mirror framed in a flower pattern painted aqua blue.  (Custom-made by Anything Timber.  Designed by HLD, of course!)  Her chair is a kiddie version of the Pantone chair in bright pink (from iTrade).

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