Table Settings


My personal motto for hosting an intimate lunch or dinner at home is "go all out or just eat out."  So whenever I do, I put in a lot of love in planning the menu, setting the table, and adding small details here and there.  After all, it's not very often that I do it for the people who are dear to me, my closest friends and family. 

Photos courtesy of my friends Ciara and Bernz.  


Friends from Manila and Davao flew in to relive The FLOW surf, samba, yoga retreat we attended in La Union.  

The welcome drink - a refreshing citrus cooler made of kalamansi, dalandan and orange juice, sprinkled with honey and fresh slices of lemon, orange and cucumber.  

Personalized name tags for my dinner guests which they can also bring home as souvenirs.  These are actually small picture frames made of natural deco-paper with dried leaves.  I used the tag as a napkin ring.

The floral arrangement for the buffet are just hand-picked flowers from our garden arranged like a fan.  On the bottom is a group picture from the Flow Retreat in La Union.  I made a little caricature and graphic art behind it.  

The welcome drink: lemon mint iced tea
Blue was the color theme for the night.  

Each water goblet has a slice of lemon
to give a nice color contrast against the
blue centerpiece.
While waiting for guests to arrive, guacamole, salsa and chips are served.

A clear drinking glass with a green leaf wrapped inside was used as a vase for the blue hydrangea flower.  The blue Christmas ornaments were from Country Classics.  A personal favourite, Alice Blue soy candles are placed to give off that sweet berry crumble scent.    The wooden napkin rings are finished in antique blue with a faux paper rose on top.


Because they are like a second family to me, this lunch was for my office.  

A hand-crocheted table runner made by my mom's friend was placed on center.  Since 'tis the season for giving, boxes of fruits and chocolates from various suppliers were sent to the office.  A creative way of sharing them was to put them on centre, allowing guests to take as much as they want.  To make it more festive, I put in some wooden Christmas dolls that my mom and I bought at a bazaar at the Fort.     


For my yogi friends where part of the diet is to eat fruit before a meal, slices of orange were placed on center, making it easy for them to have some while waiting for the others to arrive.  Spring flowers in orange, green and violet were placed on the hanging glass votives.  Also along those hues were the table napkins used.  

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