Living spaces can be in all kinds of forms – you can either have them large and spacious or small and cozy, simple and casual, or formal and stately, whichever works for you.  

If you love the outdoors, a lanai is the living space fit for you. A lanai is a Hawaiian term for “open-roofed porch or veranda” and is mostly popular in tropical areas.

I think there has always been a market for home theaters. With the advent of specialized contractors now in Cebu who carry top-of-the-line home theater systems—including vibrating seats, padded walls and drop-down projector screens—there has been a trend to really have home theaters professionally done.

When it comes to the color palette, I wouldn’t say there is a universal one for designing home theaters. Color choices usually depend on the client’s taste; if ever the want to resemble a typical movie house, the usual colors would be black, white and red. The burst of colors often come from the movie posters that are hung on the walls.

What adds to the warmth and comfort of a living space is the lighting. It can either make or break a living space. As a general rule, we normally specify warm lights—the yellow light as opposed to the white one—since these are softer to the eyes, brings out a better color of the room and makes it feel cozier.

Here are some tips you can follow:
1.    Mix general, task and ambient lighting in living spaces.
·      Desk lamps are examples for task lighting.
·      For ambient lighting, you may use cove lights.
·      Pin lights are strategically placed at the corners for general lighting.

2.    Install dimmers. These can allow you to control the brightness of the lights and set the mood of the room.

3.    Choose simple pin lights to compliment a fancy pendant light, drop light, or chandelier to keep the attention on the decorative light.

4.    Personally, I prefer to specify round pin lights as these maintain shape through time while the modern-looking square ones tend to misalign.
Whatever living space you fancy, we at HL Designs make it special just for you.

Usually, we design with our client in mind; we get to know their wants, needs and lifestyle to make designing easier and have more appealing results. Their personal touch to our designs always enhances its uniqueness.

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