Back On The Saddle


January 3, 2013

I'm back on the saddle for my first site visit of the year.  

The saddle is my trusted vehicle I named Hibi after much heavy ("hibi") drama in acquiring it last year.  Plus, it's heavy duty as it can pack 8 people in the car and load all the many items we purchase for clients: from pillows to piles of bedsheets, duvet fillers and covers, towels, framed prints and paintings, bathroom accessories, lamps and occasional small pieces of furniture like a chair or side table.    

When I go on site visits, these are my must-haves in the car:

1.  Water bottle - I can spend hours talking explaining things to clients, contractors and suppliers.  By the end of a visit, my mouth can be so dry!  Plus, site conditions can be very harsh.  It can be under the intense heat of the sun, or in a completely enclosed space with zero ventilation.  Either way, I can end up really dehydrated; hence, it's important to keep a water bottle in my car.  

2.  The book - It's like an American Express, you can never leave home without it.  Each of our clients get a "book" that contains important information about the project.  It serves as our guide in checking that our designs are executed as planned.  

3.  Shades -  I'm a migraine-prone person, and one of the triggers is light.  Being in a sunny, tropical country requires me to always have my sunnies in tow for walking in and out of my car to site, or while in transit, or for some sites that don't have roofing yet (didn't I just mention site conditions can be harsh?).

4.  Sling bag - while you can see that I have my regular purse in there, it's not very practical for me to be carrying that around in site.  So I keep a small bag that I can just sling over my shoulders to hold my phone and other important items and keep my hands free.  Now what's inside the bag can be an entire article in itself.  I will get myself to write about that some day.  But not tonight.  

I've had a long day.  Visited 3 sites and met with a potential big account that i'm hoping and praying we get.  I'm not telling what it is just yet but I hope I can feature it here some day.  

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