Excerpts from a happy client


The week before Christmas was a particularly trying one because of so many things to do and just not enough time!  Clients coming home for the holidays want their units done, or at least picture perfect in time for Christmas.  (Note: It's plural so it wasn't just one.)  Stress levels in the office were extremely high and we were in a lot of pressure.  There was one particular client that stood out from the rest because of her extremely direct and strong manner in dealing with us.  (The kind that my staff would say, could eat them alive!)  A cultural difference, I must say, but one that we managed to overcome.  

To my surprise, I got this email from her yesterday.  Allow me to share some excerpts of her kind words.  Nothing gives me greater joy than being appreciated for all the hard work I put in to a project.  It makes it even sweeter after all the drama we had to go through!     

I have changed the names of the characters to protect their identity.    

Email sent January 5, 2013:

Dear Hannah,

Thank you very much for this comprehensive billing and of course all the hard work that went into our flat thus far.  The billing is in perfect order and I will ask Mr. X to cut a check for you straight away!!  

We are looking very much forward to the final phase of the project - getting all the details sorted and completed.  Mr. Contractor has been an absolute dream to work with and is obviously very dedicated to you which is very rare in your business and a testament to you as a person. Everyone who came to the house was simply gobsmacked with your work!  You were able to change so much without changing the feel of the property which was so important to my husband.  When Mr. X came over the other day he was extremely impressed with your vision and the level and quality of detail executed!  

I will look forward to the opportunity to continuing our working relationship and very much value everything you've done so far. 

We had a very nice holiday, thank you.  Mostly just relaxing in the flat and spending time with friends and family.  I sincerely hope you had a nice holiday season as well.  I hope you enjoy the photos!!!

A Happy Client

**I have yet to ask permission to post the photos in this blog.  

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  1. at least ms. han the owner really has a heart left to appreciate the efforts of the design team and the contractor's side... :) we will wait for pictures ...;)