Design Ideas - Singapore


I just got back from a relatively spur of the moment and super quick trip to Singapore.  I always take traveling as a wonderful opportunity to tickle my creativity and to give me a fresh perspective of things.

Even though I've been to Singapore many times, I’m always amazed with each visit because there’s always something new.

I’m going to share some of my favorite design ideas and fabulous finds:

Typo and Smiggle are my two new favorite stores in SG! 

Both are originally from Australia.   

Smiggle is the ultimate creators of fun, fashion-forward stationery. 

Typo is a similar store, inspired by the hype of the stationery industry.  According to its website, “Typo is a one-stop concept store with irresistible products to fill your space with confidence. Taking trends from the fashion industry and applying them to notebooks, decal wall art, printed gift wrap and other speciality, items Typo offers product with attitude and is fast and affordable.  If you love fashion and love stationary, Typo will be your new best friend.” 

It has indeed become my new best friend!

These wooden letters from Typo now welcome guests into my office.  The matryoshka dolls was a souvenir I got from my trip to Russia last year.  The letters HLD stand for HL Designs, while the 5 matryoshka dolls symbolize my design team.  Spot me if you can! :-)

Some of my fabulous finds from Smiggle!  The metallic pens are such a joy to scribble with!   
On my next restaurant design, I should consider positioning mirrors on an angle instead of just placing them directly on the walls, above the bucket seat.  Of course, careful attention must be given on the seat height and the distance from the wall so it doesn't hit the head.  Sitting on the opposite side of the bucket seat made me appreciate the angled mirror concept  even better!  

A clever way to display shoes on the storefront: hang a decorative pendant light directly above the shoes (as done in Pazzion and Trois + Inch). 

Small, green glass pendant lights hang directly above the shoe display. 

I kinda like laying rectangular tiles in a diagonal pattern.  Fancy seeing it done at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands! :-)  

Love the lamp details at TWG Tea Company!

Even in Changi International Airport, there is always something new that will catch my eye!  This time, it's this well-composed directional signage made of painted decorative panels, back-painted glass, back-lit metal letter cut-outs, with concealed lighting all around.  

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