The Dogs I Meet At Work


I am a dog mother and a dog lover. 

In my line of work where I often go out to meet clients (or potential ones), visit construction sites and deal with contractors/suppliers, I always bump into some adorable furry friends in the industry.

Let’s start off with my very own golden retriever George, who is 6 years old already.  He sleeps in my office during the day, in the house at night (or vise versa).  Like clockwork, at 4PM, he will come barking inside the office demanding for his regular afternoon walk.  (It used to be a car ride so this one’s more energy efficient and helps to keep him fit!)  When I am travelling, my office tells me he is very silent and doesn’t really demand for anything.  I may be the boss in my office, but when George is around, he’s the boss!

George fast asleep in the office.

George doing FaceTime with me while I was out of the country.  

Then there’s George’s cousin, Diego, the 5-year old Shihtzu.  He is my older sister’s dog but was left to my mom’s custody when she moved to the States.  He has his "condo unit" on the second floor of this toy shelf.  He also has this 3rd floor balcony on the top of the dryer to give him a better view of the people passing by.

Diego checking out the phenolic board partition sample dropped off by Fine Impressions.  

This is Diego's "condo", and he's enjoying the view from his 3rd floor balcony on top of a dryer.  

My premier clients have premier dogs, too, the kind that I can barely spell or pronounce!

Hunter is an Alaskan Malamute who is such a gentle giant!

Then we have 2 adorable bichon frise’s, Audrey and Z-, who are fur balls bursting with energy!

They look like little lambs on the prairie!

This picture was sent to me by the client.  She loves yoghurt!

In a contractor's workshop in Cagayan de Oro, I was pleasantly surprsed to find a black labrador retriever named Donut.

Let's include Bruno from Bacolod for good measure....  

...and Chowder the chowchow from San Carlos City.  

Meet Rafa, the beagle patiently waiting for his turn to go on the elevator at The Residences in Greenbelt.  

This basset hound named Lacey is afraid of people.  

"How much is that dog in the window?"

And just recently, I came across this shihtzu named Oreo, who when told to go inside this glass cabinet would be all too willing to do so!  

Oh, and let's not forget Jabu, another shihtzu, who sells tiles and bathroom fixtures at Filmon Hardware!  (I just couldn't find the picture I took of him when I was out sourcing.)

I just love the dogs I meet at work!!!

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